Anuschka Alborzian her life and how she chose to live in the face of terrifying circumstances

Anuschka Alborzian is a Life Coach in San Diego. She is specifically an Empowerment Coach and a Warrior that supports people to find their inner power and authentic happiness. She is no stranger to overcoming challenging obstacles in her life, including having a large brain tumor and undergoing brain surgery to remove it. Upon hearing a diagnosis and prognosis that would change her life forever, she empowered herself with a new perspective on healing, health, and life. She’s discovered how to live in the moment, find true happiness, stay positive during tough times, and how to find light in any darkness and overcome anything! She is now extremely passionate about empowering other people do the same in any area of life through Life Coach San Diego! Anuschka specializes in Health Projects: Overall Well Being, Chronic Pain, Cancers, Tumors, Ailments, etc. and Empowerment to Live Life to the Fullest even during the toughest of circumstances! Anuschka is committed to making a difference one HUMAN being at a time through Life Coach San Diego!

Melissa Engle discusses Mama Bears Chicago, postpartum depression and a host of other topics

Melissa Engle is a mama, actor, entrepreneur and Postpartum Depression advocate. After her own struggles with PPD/PPA, she started the Mama Bears group as a way to support other moms in a neighborhood specific way. She believes no mother should suffer in silence and is working to bring back the village of support for new moms. She lives in Chicago with her husband and daughter.

Eric Rias discusses addiction, humility, spirituality, and entrepreneurship

Since moving to California in 2013 Eric Rias dedicated his life to fitness education and a healthy lifestyle. Coming from New York with a difficult past, he was compelled to focus his life on cultivating positivity. Fitness became a way for him to take control of his life and share that light with others. He is now able to be himself entirely, have fun and make lasting impressions on the people he encounters.

Great talk.  Thanks, Eric.

An Interview With Kyle Ferroly on Brain Mapping

Kyle Ferroly began his career by studying the mind for over twenty years and the brain for the past eleven years. He was always intrigued by the fact that the brain is the only organ we don’t look at before we treat it.  This led him to enter his center in Wisconsin, “Mind Brain Balance.” Through a unique way of seeing inside the brain, otherwise known as a brain map, you can see what is going on scientifically to a person’s brain waves.